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Facebook Can Now Help You Get Over Your Breakup!

Just what EVERYONE needs!

Facebook's been on a roll lately with how it tries to keep up with whatever's going on in the world or in your feed. It improved the Like button, so you can finally show your reaction to someone's post. And just as recently, you can also put a French flag filter on your profile picture as your way of empathizing with everyone affected by the Paris attacks. 

Soon, Facebook will help you get over your breakup. Face it, FB is HELL when you just had your heart broken. You see photos of happy couples that just make you jealous or miss your boyfriendI mean, ex-boyfriend. You see how your ex seems fine and you hate that; or you go through the profile of the girl your ex cheated on you with, or of the girl he now likes. And all that insanity can get you to deactivate your Facebook account just so you can gather your bearings. The thing is, the social media's management doesn't want you feeling miserable, and it doesn't want you going off the website. 

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It'll introduce new tools (for the mobile app) that will limit you from getting updates from your ex, meaning you don't have to unfriend him and ruin your chances of reconciling in the future. Those tools can also make you choose what you want and don't want your ex to see.

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These tools will appear when you've changed your relationship status. You'll then be asked the following:

- Whether or not you want to see less of what your ex posts

- If you want to hide your posts and pictures from your ex

- If you want to remove your ex from your Facebook history (this includes their being untagged in your posts, photos, and videos)

They all sound helpful, right?

Since you can still be Facebook friends, just try not to stalk the crap out of your ex. It'll beat the whole purpose of the Facebook tools. Or not! LOL.

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