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Funnyman Ramon Bautista Talks About Relationships

If you don't remember him from Strangebrew, chances are, Ramon Bautista is still a familiar face. You've seen him demonstrating his dance moves in a McDonald's commercial, rapping with the late and great master rapper FrancisM, and learning new skills from the biggest rock stars in the Philippines. Maybe you even listen to him and his friends Tado and Angel on their radio show, The Brewrats.

Cosmo got the chance to ask him a bunch of questions, and his answers had us laughing!

  1. What is love?

    Love is what controls our happiness. In the movies, it is portrayed by couples showing grand gestures of romance. However, in real life, love can be a lot of things that drive us nuts.

  2. Have you ever been in love? What was it like?

    Of course! There's that electric sensation we're all familiar with but that feeling only lasts three months before and after both of you agree that you share the same feelings. After that, you get used to it and you act just like friends. But that is still being in love.

  3. What makes a girl beautiful?

    A Cosmo girl-pretty face with a beautiful soul is beautiful. It's a big plus if she has some skill in something: like playing musical instruments, sports, math, or operating a xerox machine. It helps if she has low standards in a guy, too.

  4. What are the qualities of your ideal girl?

    She has to be sweet, thoughtful, and chubby. Ideally, dapat may gusto sa akin.

  5. How would you court a girl?

    I put on some gel and hope that she is overwhelmed by my physical attributes. If that doesn't work, I promise her a lot of things. If that still fails, I bluff withdrawing my interest as a reverse psychology method.

  6. Can you give us advice on being in a relationship? How do you keep the love alive?

    You don't keep it alive. It will stay alive and prosper as long as you find happiness in each other.

  7. How do you deal with heartbreak?

    It's hard. You have to accept that it is bound to happen. Most of the time, I just become bitter and think of things I hate about her. If it's really over, I try to ask her if she can give me referrals for rebound girls.

  8. What would be your advice to many women out there who are looking for love but can't seem to find it?

    Saying "you dont look for love, love finds you" is like retweeting Paulo Coelho. It's a saying that is full of platitudes and it takes so long to come into reality. I say lower your standards.

  9. There are plenty girls who feel very insecure about themselves. What would you tell them to encourage them to love themselves more?

    Life is a very enjoyable place and let's try not to waste time thinking and paying attention to our imperfections. Sometimes I watch Oprah and she shows a lot of people in terrible conditions/situations. I think she's sending a message to you girls that having flaws is normal. Or you can get into her show if your case is bad enough. In both cases, having flaws proves advantageous.

  10. You are very famous now. What has been your most awesome experience so far? What is the greatest thing that has ever happened to you?

    Oh, I'm still overwhelmed. Many fantastic things have occurred and they are quite life-changing. One thing I remember is the PULP Summer Slam of '07 as the first time I went up on stage as the host. I've never even hosted a pamangkin birthday party and seeing millions of people looking at me is really awesome. The feeling is superb.

  11. Of all the celebrities you have met, who is your favorite and why?

    I backspace many many times. It's hard to tell who's my favorite. A lot of them are really amazing.

  12. Do you have a celebrity crush?

    Yes, Katy Perry and that girl from Lost in Translation, Zooey Deschanel

  13. People say that you look like Vic Sotto. Do you think you look like Vic Sotto? In what ways are you like Vic Sotto?

    I want to look like him. Maybe when I become rich, I'll get Vicki Belo to copy Vic Sotto's face into mine. They say there's some resemblance so maybe it's going to be an easy and cost-efficient operation. I also would tell her to maintain some of my natural semblance with Luis Manzano. Oh wait, come to think of it, my face is perfect na pala.

  14. What must we do to become famous?

    Join director RA Rivera's "Pasisikatin Kita, Iha" programme. He has made a lot of people famous like Tado and Jun Sabayton.

  15. What was the nicest thing anyone has ever said about you? What about the worst?

    It's kinda nice to hear "I love you," but it's hurtful when they say "...loko lang."

  16. What's the craziest thing you've ever done?

    Falling in love.

  17. Is there something you dream of doing that you have not done yet?

    Yes. I want to cross over to the action genre because I've been typecast as a boy-next-door teenybopper guy. I want to play a vampire in a high school who fights muscular werewolves.

  18. What do you think is your greatest achievement?

    Getting to a place where I can make people happy. I think that's pretty cool.

  19. What makes you fun and what makes you fearless?

    I just try to enjoy whatever life offers.

  20. Do you have any words of wisdom for Cosmo chicks all over the Philippines ?

    You're all very lovely ladies. When we get to bump into each other, please don't play with my feelings.

Click through our gallery to see Ramon's pictures with some of the many local celebrities he's rubbed elbows with. If that's still not enough Ramon Bautista for you, check out his Tumblr and his Twitter.
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