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Get Him To Hold Your Hand

Still waiting for your new guy to reach for your digits? Make it happen by following Cosmo’s advice!
Most men aren’t pumped about PDAs, but this advice will get him going public with your palm in no time.

Play damsel in distress. Whether you’re stepping off the curb or descending stairs in stilettos, grab his arm for support. “Guys enjoy feeling chivalrous,” says Loraine Despres, author of The Southern Belle’s Handbook. Plus, it’s a good place to start before going all the way with his hand.

Keep it short and sweet. “Stop holding his hand before he has a chance to become uncomfortable,” says David Copeland, coauthor of How to Succeed With Men. “Keep it to a minute, then let go. “It makes you a scarce commodity,” confirms Copeland. “When you move away from him, he’ll wonder, ‘Why did she stop?’” He’ll soon be reaching for your hand all by himself.

Make it worth his while. “Don’t give him a limp hand,” says Despres. Suggestively play with his paw and he definitely won’t want to drop yours.
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