Have You Ever Had a Summer Fling?

Email us the dirty deets at cosmophilippines@gmail.com. We might publish your story on Cosmo.ph in April!

You all know what we're talking about—it's that very short-term, typically sexual, and always unforgettable romance that happens when we least expect it. Was it with the guy you met in Bora on vacation? That co-worker you've been crushing on since Day 1? Or was it with a family friend?

Tell us more, tell us more! We'd love to hear all the juicy details. Email your name (you can use a different one; it'll be our secret!), age, and summer fling story to cosmophilippines@gmail.com with "Summer Fling" as the subject, and we might publish it on Cosmo.ph in April!

Come on, don't be shy. We know you want to share! While you're at it, answer our poll below! 

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