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Here Are Ways To Make Your Boyfriend Feel Extra Special On His Birthday

Give him the most meaningful gift ever!

The biggest tip in finding that perfect gift is to ask yourself "How do I want him to feel when he opens this gift? What message do I want to send?" Well, birthdays are the perfect time to remind your boyfriend of how amazing he is. To help you out, we've come up with the perfect gifts you can give to him on his big day to get your message across!

"You are passionate and talented!"

There's nothing quite like a man who shows a strong drive for his passion and talents. Well, this is your chance to affirm that in him! Whether he's into photography, traveling, food, or sports, help him document his achievements in a Photobook (check out Photobook Philippines to create your own book). This is perfect because he can look back on all of his adventures and also show it off to his friends. If he's a photographer, he can even use your gift as his portfolio for his own branding or for job applications. Photobook companies are constantly offering deals on online coupon sites, so you’re sure to find one that will suit your needs.

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"You are the greatest friend!"

Do you love your man's heart and the way that he cares for others? Remind him just how loved he is by others, as well. Throw him a surprise party and he'll be so touched to see that his friends (and maybe even his family) showed up for him.

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Go all out with decorations and activities centered around him so that he really feels that everyone is there to celebrate him. You can have everyone write affirming birthday messages for him on the party balloons, banners, or streamers. Make silly masks with his face on them to crack him up, and use these in your group photos. Take it further and get everyone to drive to Tagaytay or Batangas for the party! He'll feel so happy that his friends were willing to go the extra miles (literally) for him.

"You are so hard working, so now you deserve to be pampered!"

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Any man who works hard definitely deserves to be praised for it. Plan a day of relaxation for him to show that his hard work is appreciated. Most guys haven't experienced a spa treatment yet and going with their girlfriends would be the perfect excuse or reason to try it out. Massages, scented candles, Jacuzzisthe list goes on!

"You are the best boyfriend!"

Time to get cheesy! Even though he has his flaws, you know that your boyfriend puts so much effort into giving you the best. On his birthday, remind him of all of the qualities that make him your Prince Charming.

Put together a photo box with memories of the times you're so grateful to have him in your life. You can use movie tickets and other trinkets from your adventures. Or retell your love story to him, since the photo-box can be a storybook. A photo-box is perfect because you get to put pictures and messages on the walls of the box, plus stuff keepsakes inside it. He can also use this in the future to collect photos and items from the times you'll spend together.

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Here's a photo-box tutorial:

Your boyfriend would be so impressed and thrilled if you made it yourself!


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