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Here Is Definitive Proof That Shower Sex Is Impossible

Not that you didn't know that already.

Elite Daily gathered a bunch of comedians and actors, and asked them on camera whether or not shower sex (the position most likely to leave you "exhausted, shivering and filled with cream," according to the YouTube description) is overrated.

Guess what? It is. "The worst part about shower sex is that you're putting your life on the line pretty much every time because you fall and break your head open or something," actress Marisa Hunter remarks (correctly).

Dude comedian (emphasis on dude) Joe Santagato agrees: "Sex is already tiring. Now you're telling me I have to stand the whole time and try not to drown?"

It is Jenna Marbles though who makes the best point of all: "I also need to wash my hair while we're in here, so can you, like, be done."

Agreed, Jenna. That is absolutely the no. 1 reason to go against the flow.


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