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How To Date When You're Dieting

It doesn't have to be so hard.

1. Keep a list of healthy restaurants.
There are tons of restos in the metro that serve healthy and delicious food. Having a list will surely come in handy when your guy asks you where you want to eat. It’s also a sneaky way to get him to start watching his diet, too.

2. Coffee or tea?
If it’s not going to be a long date, why not make it more intimate by spending a few hours talking and flirting over a cup of coffee? Just go easy on the whipped cream and sugar to keep the calorie intake low.

3.  Don't get carried away with fast food.
Remember: a burger meal packs more than 200 calories! Fast food may be convenient, but you'll feel like shit afterwards. Trust us, we know.

4. Cook for each other.
Experiment in the kitchen (Try these healthy recipes from and reward each other (in kind) for dessert!


5. It doesn’t always have to be about food.
Why not go biking or running for a change? Bonding over a physical activity can lessen the awkwardness typically present in a traditional dinner setup. 

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