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Ina Raymundo Says Her Daughter Erika Poturnak Grew Up Independent And OK With Having No BF

'Hindi siya yung clingy type of person na hindi mabubuhay ng walang ka-relationship.'
erika poturnak
PHOTO: (LEFT TO RIGHT) Instagram/inaraymundo95, Instagram/erikarae.p

Raising a kid is no easy task—which is why Ina Raymundo deserves to be celebrated for being a great mom to not just one but five kids! If you follow her on Insta, you’ll know she’s a hands-on mother to all of them, never failing to impart words of wisdom, especially to her eldest daughter Erika Poturnak.

In one interview, she explained that she feels for her daughter, who recently *broke up* with basketball star Kobe Paras, and shared one piece of advice she gave the 21-year-old budding musician. She added that she’s a non-believer of LDR (long-distance relationships), which was the case for Kobe and Erika. "Because when you're young, like you're 21 and in your early 20s, you should really live in the moment.

kobe paras and erika portunak just went insta official

"I mean, you should, you know, enjoy where you are [and] meet people. So parang, for me, that's the best way to live your life if you're 21, right?"

Ina urges young people to prioritize experiencing all that life has to offer and not invest too much in their romantic relationships—a message she shares with all her children. "Because talaga, you really have so much to learn, and it's exciting to meet different kinds of people. And it's the best time to be single, when you're 21 right?"

She also revealed that Erika has always been the type to be okay with being single. "Si Erika has a, she's very independent, alam mo yun, hindi siya yung clingy type of person na hindi mabubuhay ng walang ka-relationship.

"She's not that type of girl. So mas happy siya na surrounded by friends. So, in a way siguro, nagmana siya sa akin, yung hindi talaga into relationships muna because you're younger.

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"I mean, if you have a boyfriend right now, he's not going to be your husband in the future. So I don't know like, I think I would always instill that sa mga anak kong babae, because I have four [daughters], na don’t take relationships seriously ‘cause you’re young. You should enjoy your life and be around friends and family."

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