Is He Flirty Or Just Friendly?

The clueless girl's guide to decoding whether it's the real deal.

Have you ever misread a guy's signals and assumed that he was flirting when he was actually just being friendly? Or have ever you missed an opportunity to date a great guy because you thought he was just being nice? Talk about mixed signals. While you can't just assume—the word assume, after all, perfectly describes why you shouldn't be jumping into conclusions: you make an ass out of "u" and "me"—there is a way to decode guy-speak. We asked real men to spill how they behave when they just want to be friends and when they want to take things to another level. Read on to learn more!

Subject: Taking you home
Friendly: When you really need a ride home, and your place is near his house.
Flirting: You're out of his way or he does it on a regular basis.

Subject: When he asks you to have merienda or dinner
Friendly: You guys share the same break time, incidentally in the same area, or the two of you are really hungry.
Flirting: If you notice that you have been labeled as his exclusive lunch buddy or that "random" dinners have become frequent, then he may see you as someone more than a friend.

Subject: Texting
Friendly: He asks you something, and his last reply was "Thanks!" Nothing else follows after that. 
Flirting: He greets you "good morning" or "good night" constantly. He strikes a conversation on a daily basis, and always asks questions to keep the ball rolling.

Subject: Whereabouts
Friendly: "Are you on your way? The client needs the file ASAP."
Flirting: "Hey, I just got home. I hope you got home safely, too!"

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