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Is Online Flirting Considered Cheating?

Apparently for most millennials, it is.

Your boyfriend leaves a flirty comment on another girl’s photo or constantly tweets back and forth with a female friend.

Is this cheating?

While some might shrug it off as harmless, a big chunk of people aged 18 to 34 see it as a threat. According to a new survey conducted by Fusion, 82% of millennials consider online flirting as cheating. They also discovered that women tend to take online flirting more seriously than men, with 88% saying it’s cheating, compared to the 77% of men.

These stats make sense, especially since women consider emotional cheating just as bad, or even worse, than physical cheating. What may start off as harmless fun can escalate into something more serious, although it’s hard to tell how emotionally invested people really are in these online interactions.

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