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Julia Montes Shared Her Perspective On Cheating, And The Internet Has A Lot To Say About It

'Cheating is a choice.'
Julia Montes
PHOTO: Instagram/harlynfernandez

Despite being a common occurrence in relationships, infidelity can be a painful experience. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to resolving such tumultuous matters. Some walk away, some choose to stay—but like anything else in life, if this happens to you, only you can decide the best course of action to take moving forward.

Despite their social status, celebs are not immune to these tough times, with several A-listers getting candid about their experiences with cheating affairs. (Take Victoria Beckham, who pulled back the curtain on the Rebecca Loos scandal, her husband David Beckham’s alleged affair in the trending Netflix Beckham documentary.)

In a recent interview, Julia Montes also weighed in on the controversial matter, sharing her thoughts. The discussion started when she and her reel-life partner Alden Richards were asked, “Cheating? Breakup or Romance?”

Julia held back on her choice, sharing that she’s caught in between. She explained, “Wala namang perfect, e. Aminin natin, in a relationship, merong isa or minsan, di ko naman nilalahat diba, pero baka dalawa kayong nagkamali for a time.


Pero hindi naman necessarily 'pag nagkamali say'o, hihiwalayan mo na agad. Minsan baka din pwede kang magtanong, nung time na yun, may pagkukulang ka ba? Kaya nangyari yun. Pero kung wala, dun ka na magtanong sa sarili mo na, ah teka lang. Dun naman magi-iba yung kwento.

Pero feeling ko, 'pag ilang beses na, too much. Pero kapag nagkamali, nadapa. Ang mindset, well ako ang mindset ko lang, 'pag nadapa ba ang isang tao, sino gusto mo magtayo sa kanya? Ibang tao na? Ibang babae na? Or ikaw pa din? Na partner mo.”

ABS-CBN then posted Julia‘s statement on Facebook, asking the internet if they agreed with the actress’ point of view. Below, check out what netizens have to say:

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Check out Julia's full interview below:

Julia's perspective on cheating | Magandang Buhay

Can couples who are dating survive cheating issues?

In an interview with Cosmo, MindNation expert Eiza Fusingan, MAPsy, LPT, RPm, RPsy, the Chief WellBeing Officer of MindNation allowed us to get a *better picture* of what couples go through after one of them cheats. “I believe couples who went through infidelity issues could still thrive in their relationship," she said. "A huge factor for the success would be their willingness to work on relationship issues, including the concerns before the cheating. The process of working out the relationship after cheating is difficult. But if both are willing to compromise and change for the better, a healthier connection could follow. If the unhealthy behavior persists and the cheating happens over again, there is a lesser probability that the relationship will work.”

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