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Kylie Verzosa Admitted That She's Dating Again: 'I wanna keep it private this time'

She's seeing someone outside of showbiz.
kylie verzosa private relationship
PHOTO: Instagram/kylieverzosa

Kylie Verzosa is dating someone new, and she's keeping it super *private* this time around.

The beauty queen-turned-actress is having the time of her life. Kylie is working on back-to-back projects, both locally and overseas. This is while she still gets to enjoy quality time with her loved ones—which also includes her non-showbiz beau.

"I'm dating someone. Non-showbiz. I'm so happy... Honestly, I wanna keep it private this time. It's a private relationship. It's really, really peaceful," Kylie said in an interview with Gretchen Fullido. 

Kylie preferred not to give too many details about her love life at the moment. But she revealed that she is currently dating a foreigner. When asked if the public would see it on her social media, she responded with, "Siguro when I would wanna show it, I will. But for now, I'm so happy."

Kylie has also been accepting projects abroad, where she feels most productive and successful at the moment. "I see more work opportunities for me abroad, I just take it... When I travel, parang the world widens for me and I see that there's so much more opportunity out there," she declared.


"I learn so much. I meet new friends. I learn from the people. It widens your scope. it makes you wiser. It makes you smarter. So much more input. I love it," she added.

One of her noteworthy projects overseas was when she finally worked with Victoria's Secret! Kylie made jaws drop with her sultry outfit at a Victoria's Secret event in Singapore in November 2023. The former Miss International titleholder brought the heat to the pink carpet wearing a sultry, side boob-baring Anthony Ramirez number.

Back in the Philippines, Kylie is all set to promote her newest film and her first Metro Manila Film Festival entry, Pedro Penduko, together with Matteo Guidicelli. This will be shown in cinemas in December 2023.

Kylie was previously in a three-year relationship with actor Jake Cuenca. They confirmed their breakup in April 2022. Despite the heartache, the former couple had parted ways on good terms.

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"I'm happy we were able to finish this chapter of our lives the same way we started it. As friends. Wherever you are or whatever you're doing, I will always be sending you love and positivity," Jake shared.  At present, Jake is in a ~slow but steady~ dating phase with actress Chie Filomeno.

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