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Apparently, You Can Rent A Boyfriend Through Lazada Malaysia

PHOTO: istockphoto

You need new makeup brushes? Lazada has it. Are you interested in redecorating your office cube? Lazada has your back. Is this the year you're ~*finally*~ buying your first sex toy? That's right, Lazada's ready to give you good vibes. 

There is very little Lazada can't do for you—so much so that now, they even have boyfriends for rent! 

Lazada Malaysia has a special Chinese New Year promo that'll leave customers ~kilig~ for the rest of 2019. From January 16 to 18, Lazada Malaysia is auctioning off eight baes for eight lucky ladies: Eden See, Joseph Lee, Varhoon Vystra, Nigel Chin, Ilman Hakeem, Dennis Yin, Adery Chin, and Cyrus Yong

How it works: Participants must download the Lazada app and "slash" the boys' price tags from RM 8,888 to RM 0. The total comes out to 48 slashes. Winners will be announced from January 21 to 23! If successful, you get to take one of the eight cuties to a sweet date at a nursing home on January 26, 2019. 


Unfortunately, it looks like the promo is only open to participants who live in Malaysia. Too bad!

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