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12 Little Things To Thank Your Boyfriend For

Cue the kilig!
PHOTO: Nick Onken

1.  For going out of his way to make sure that you get home safe.

Remember that time when you attended a party and couldn’t get home at 1 am because there were no cabs? He drove all the way from Quezon City to bring you home in Alabang just to make sure that you’ll be OK.

2.  For binge watching chick flicks with you, even if he falls asleep five minutes into The Notebook.

(Although you *kind of* think he secretly like The Vow!)

3. For fully supporting you with the decisions you make.

Even if you decide to go with the ~*dumber*~ choice, he always tells you that it’s going to be okay and that making mistakes will only make you a better, tougher, and stronger woman. 

4. For never pressuring you to be something that you're not.


5. For listening to your rants no matter how senseless they get.

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May it be about that new girl you hate at work, or your missing lipstick which ruined your week—he's always all ears.

6. And dealing once in a while with your sudden outbursts of emotions.

Crying out of nowhere happens! But because he loves you unconditionally, he always finds a way to comfort you. (Ice cream never fails. *wink*)

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7. For spoiling you with food.

Best language of love EVER! 

8. And even attempting to make food from scratch. 

The important thing is that he tried

9. For noticing your new hair and telling you it's maganda and bagay.


10. For being a fantastic #InstagramBoyfriend.

He tirelessly takes photos of you (and sometimes your kagulo barkada), and never gives you shit about it. 

11. For appreciating your efforts to make him smile...

He appreciates literally everything, from the DIY Valentine’s card you gave him last year, to the origami rose you personally cut and folded for your anniversary last month, to your sad attempt at baking cookies

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12. ... and sticking by your side no matter what.

Bad days will always happen, but he always assures you that he’s going to stay with you through it all.