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This Is For Every Girl Who’s Caught Her Boyfriend Texting Someone Else

Dating is the absolute worst.
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If you’ve ever had a friend tell you that she saw your boyfriend’s profile on Tinder, then there’s a good chance you’ve been a victim of the latest trend that’s plaguing modern dating: CUSHIONING. 

“Cushioning” is when a guy buys himself “a little insurance” while he’s in a relationship. So, in this case, he talks to or flirts with a bunch of other women (or “cushions”) so he has someone waiting for him if you ever decide to leave. 

These women are there to “cushion the blow” of a potentially painful breakup. Some might excuse it as something people do because they’re afraid of being alone or getting hurt, but in our humble opinion, it’s just another word invented to describe the actions of an asshole who doesn’t deserve you.

So if you find out that your guy’s been sliding into other women’s DMs, cut him loose. It’ll hurt, but the last thing you want is to waste any more of your precious time on someone who already has one foot out of the door.  

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