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9 Things Girls Who've Been Through Devastating Heartbreaks Want You To Know

You'll be fine.
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Ever been through a devastating heartbreak, one that you think you won't ever recover from? Believe it or not, you'll get through that. Things may seem a little blurry at the moment, but if you allow yourself to go through its natural healing process, you'll be surprised at the results.

To help you get through your bad days, we asked the help from Candy readers. They shared what they've learned from their most painful heartbreak to assure you that you'll come out of this situation as a better person. 

1. "I've realized that regrets are more painful than pain itself. That moving on is not that hard, acceptance does. It takes courage to love and in order for us to have that courage is we have to love ourselves first. They said that looking for love is like looking for yourself, once you find yourself, you'll find love because they're just the same." Kyamtoot Malazarte

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2. "Actually it's a friendship heartbreak. I've experienced it many times and my lesson learned is not just find someone who will be there always and with the same goals as you, but to find someone who will really care for you." Gerald Lopez Reillo

3. "I learned to accept the things that I can't and learn from them, and be a better person." Catherine Derez

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4. "I've learned that heartache is a lesson we have to carry as we move on to another chapter of our love story. Love doesn't hurt at all, it is actually the cure to every hurt we had and we'll have in life." Julia Juu

5. "There is someone who's willing to give a piece of himself just to mend your broken heart." —Au Rejoice Onofre Fajardo

6. "Love is not blind. It's the lover that's blind. Once it ends and you realize your worth, you'd never want to come back to the person who's hurt you the most." Jobelle Arnie Bautista

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7. "Love God because He loves us, lets us wear His shoes, and loves us while we decide to love someone else who won't love us back." Jeciel Clarisse Vergara

8. "I've learned the hard way to never let things get that far." Jenica Perez

9. "Be kind to yourself." Maria Norwen Villagomez

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