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No BS: Would You Break Up With Someone If He's 'Small?'

Let's admit a lot of us seem to want it big.

You don't need a penis inside you to orgasm. Case in point: clit orgasms, the most common kind. But if you want the G-spot orgasm, of course you'll need it in there. In case you thought he has to be really long to hit the G-spot, that's not the case at all. The G-spot is located just two inches from the vagina!

Facts aside, size can make sex extra amazing if a guy knows what to do. It's interesting to note though that a study in the U.S. found that women are more forgiving of their boyfriend's penis size (if it's "small") than the penis size of someone they're just hooking up with. For the one night stand, the ideal penis is 6.4 inches with a circumference of 5 inches.

How about you? Would you consider it a deal-breaker if your boyfriend has a small penis?

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