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Other Facts You Probably Didn't Know About Penises

Think you'll look at penises the same way again?

1. It needs oxygen.

To maintain a healthy tone and good erectile health, the penis needs to get some oxygen. (It gets oxygen through the rush of blood that makes it erect.)

2. The spinal cord is responsible for ejaculations.

Ejaculation is a reflex mediated by a spinal control center known as a spinal ejaculation generator. The spine controls two phases of the ejaculatory process: the first is letting the semen move to the urethra, and the second is letting the semen be pushed out of the urethra. That said, most men who have a spinal cord injury can't ejaculate. :(

3. It can break.

"Penis rupture" are two words that should never be put together. A guy and/or his partner can break his penis doing vigorous sexual activities.

4. The penis and clitoris have the same origin.

The male and female fetus have the same reproductive structure. It's only until the ninth week of fetal development that the penis and the clitoris are formed from the phallus. (Note that while the reproductive development is "late," the sex has been determined as soon as the egg has been fertilized.)

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5. There's a reason why the penis is shaped like a mushroom.

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Have you ever wondered why the penis is shaped the way it is? According to research, it's to help displace previous ejaculations left by other males and decrease their likelihood of paternity. In other words, your guy's penis was designed to lessen the possibility of you getting pregnant with other guys' kids. 

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Everything You Need To Know About Penises