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Paul Soriano's Love Note To Toni Gonzaga Gives Us Major Relationship Envy

So many feelings in so few words.

When news of Toni Gonzaga and her director beau Paul Soriano getting engaged got out in February this year, fans cheered like they had just won the lottery. Because, hello, these two had been together for eight years by then! Damned if we’d let our own boyfriends go that long without proposing to us!

The couple appeared on The Buzz to break the news. Said Paul,“I just told her family, basically...I said, ‘I’m not gonna take her away from you guys. I’m actually here to join you guys if that’s possible.’ This was one of those moments wherein you just have to cry. And I did. I got down on my knee and asked her if she’d marry me. She said yes. Halfway to the question nag-yes na siya.”

On March 24, Toni posted two photos on Instagram that show fiancés everywhere how it’s done. Paul had randomly left a note inside his girl’s wallet, just to express that he loved her, and missed her, and wished only blessings for her that day.

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What’s so great about this gesture is, HE WROTE IT DOWN. In this day and age, it’s easier and more practical to just text such a short message, or send it via a messaging app, or just blurt it out if you’re in the same room together. But he did it with the goal of mildly surprising her, putting it in a place where she’d least expect to see it so that his love could just jump out at her and fill her with fuzzy feels when she wasn’t counting on it. Watch and learn, boys. 

Together, both Instagram posts have garnered 47,100 favorites on Instagram as of this writing, with hundreds of comments from fans expressing their unbridled kilig—and okay, inggit—at such a random yet heartfelt gesture.

A few months later, on June 12—their eighth anniversary as a couple—Toni and Paul tied the knot in a beautiful ceremony (with our girl in Vera Wang, no less). Paul kept up the good fiancé—now husband!—act with a wonderful wedding vow that legit brought us to tears.

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Paul said, “When I saw you come down that aisle, I saw everything, my future, the beautiful mother of my children in the future—that was the rest of my life right there. My partner for life, my miracle. You are my number one priority right now after God. Just like the movies, happily ever after is right in front of me right now—and it feels great. Because sometimes you just watch that on television and at the cinemas. To have that in real life is overwhelming. It’s only something God can direct. I will never stop thanking Him for blessing me with [someone] not just physically beautiful but inside so generous, so giving. You love so many people and to feel that also is just overwhelming.”

And then, at the end of his vow: “I don’t say this in public and you know that. We only do this in private, but….” Paul paused, then shouted out, “I love you, Celestine!”

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They truly are #PerfectTogether.