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Pros and Cons of Summer Flings

Read before you fall in love.


1. No strings attached
Whether you’re getting over a past relationship or reinventing yourself over the summer break, a hot fling could be just what you need. As long as you set the rules straight, then it’s the perfect set up where you get all the fun without the commitment!

2. It’s exciting and flexible.
There's absolutely no pressure from both parties. Think fuss-free, steamy canoodling by the beach or endless make out sessions on a hammock.

3. It makes you more adventurous.
Diving? Kite-surfing? You maximize your time with each other by trying new activities and going on spontaneous adventures, knowing that your relationship has a deadline.

4. All of the holiday fare, minus the guilt
The summer air, the mojitos, toned bikini-clad bodies—they all encourage that fun, carefree mentality. With all the beach and pool parties happening, some hot flirting is in order without being judged or feeling guilty!

5. Awesome memories
No matter how it ends, you'll always have that unforgettable/unbelievable/amazeballs summer to reminisce about!


1. The relationship can be very shallow.
All real long-term emotions and ideas of commitment are thrown out the window.

2. It can be a bit tiring and confusing.
"Is he really into me or is it just the tequila talking?" "Are we sharing a cabana tonight or will he be shacking up with someone else?" You’ll never really know.

3. Other responsibilities are neglected.
Kinda like the honeymoon stage of any relationship, an intense summer fling might make you forget about the rest of the world. P.S. Hopefully you don't forget about contraceptives if you choose to sleep with your summer fling!

4. Someone could get hurt.
We've seen this in movies, read this in books—someone violates the no-strings-attached rule and actually falls in love. Things could get hella ugly!

5. It’s a small world after all.
After your vacation ends, there's still that chance you'd bump into your summer love. And unless you parted amicably, the result could be some major public display of awkwardness!