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We Asked Real Guys: What Flirting Moves Work On You?

'When she makes eye contact. And then looks away. And then later makes eye contact again.'
PHOTO: Eric Ray Davidson

Let’s be honest: Sometimes, we wonder if our attempts at flirting actually hit the mark. We worry that we’re coming on too strong (Is it too much to send him an unsolicited selfie?), or we worry that we’re being too subtle (Did he catch that sparkle in my eye and that tinkle in my laughter?), or we worry that we’re not doing anything at all (How do people even flirt these days?!).

While there will always be guys who are as dense as the Amazon rainforest, it turns out that for many dudes, it doesn’t take much for them to take the hint.

We got real guys to reveal what flirting moves by females never fail to get their attention. Read, learn, and maybe try not to pinch your guy friends too much if you don’t want them to get the wrong idea.

It’s confirmed: Your pasulyap-sulyap eyes give you away.

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“When she makes eye contact. And then looks away. And then later makes eye contact again. It’s like she’s tempting me to approach her.” –Chris, 31

“When we’re drinking and she catches my eye as she takes a sip, even when she’s not talking to me or seated near me, clear flirting na 'yun for me.” –Jake, 29

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In the eternal words of Ursula in The Little Mermaid, “Don't underestimate the importance of body language, HA!”

“When she twirls her hair or touches it as if she’s fixing it. It seems like an invitation for me to engage with her.” –JC, 24

“When a girl looks me straight in the eye as she tucks her hair behind her ear. It’s like she’s telling me, ‘Hey, I’ll just fix my hair so you can see my beautiful face better.’” Chris, 31

“When a girl shows me the nape of her neck, like if she asks me to help her clasp a necklace, or if she gathers all her hair to the side or pulls it up for a ponytail and she knows I have a clear line of sight, it’s really seductive, as if she’s inviting me for a kiss on the back of her neck.” –Hans, 32

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Share your personal space, win a (potential boy)friend.

“When we’re talking and she leans forward to listen to me better, much closer than other people normally would.” –Irv, 23

“I like it when a girl sits close beside me while we’re having a conversation, and it gets better if she leans closer and whispers things in my ear. It means she’s interested and is not afraid to show it.” –Ralf, 33

Those little “innocent” touches you do? They know that they’re not entirely “innocent.”

“When a girl just smiles at me even thought I didn’t say a word, and when she does subtle touching of my arm, shoulders, or back, then eases up again.” –Wayne, 33

“Contact is a big deal for me. If a girl I’m even remotely interested in gives me THAT look and proceeds to touch my arms, shoulders, or knees, I am done for.” –Larry, 36

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“When a girl pinches me playfully. It’s like she’s trying to make a physical connection with me, like we just crossed a line and now it’s okay for touching to happen.” –Aaron, 25

Yes, they can tell by your excessive use of smiley faces online and IRL that you’re into them.

“If she’s just an acquaintance yet she’s always saying hi, smiling, and being friendly with me when we run into each other, it makes me feel like she might be into me.” –Peter, 22

“When she uses lots of emojis in her messages to me. It’s as if she wants to keep our interaction fun, light, and happy.” –Vince, 25

“One of the things I really take as a good sign is when a girl genuinely laughs at all my jokes. It makes me feel more confident in myself, and in a way it makes me feel like she has confidence in me.” –Hans, 32

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Some men love it when you make the first move, because it lessens the guesswork.

“When she comes up to me and talks to me for no particular reason or purpose. To me, it’s a signal that she’s interested.” –Brando, 27

“When you’ve just met someone but both of you get along really well, and you have the same opinions or rants, share the same taste in music, and love the same food. At the end of the night, as you get home, you get a call from an unknown number and find out that it’s her calling you. That happened to me, and that phone call after the initial meeting sealed it for me.” –Andy, 32

And, good news to the girls who can’t flirt to save their lives: There are men who actually like it when you’re hard to get.

“When she’s suplada, 'yung ang hirap makuha ang kiliti. I’m an old-fashioned guy, and when girls play hard to get, I end up wanting them more.” –Chris, 31

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