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Real Men Describe The Unexpected Things They Love About Their Partners

Get ready for a swoon-fest.

Newsflash: Guys love you for so much more than your boobs and butt. They may not say it out loud, but they’re total goners for those quirks and qualities that are yours alone, such as the way you speak your mind, the way you wrinkle your nose, maybe even the way you get mad when he makes a mess in the kitchen and you’re left to clean it up (dammit!). Here, we got 10 real men to share random, unexpected things that make them go all goo-goo-eyed for their girls. Get ready for a swoon-fest.

 When she woos him with words

“I always find joy in the little notes my girlfriend would leave for me at work. Sometimes they’d be attached to a treat, like a cookie or my favorite brew of coffee. She’s a very thoughtful and witty writer, so each word penned really feels like it was crafted with loving intention. For me, there’s something inherently sexy about a woman who has an effortless grasp of language.” —Anton, 28


When she lets her inner child out

“I once watched my girlfriend set up the night before an event she was organizing at a mall. We had just become a couple, and it was my first time to see her at work, and the way she was running around, trying to set everything up was fascinating for me. I found that distinct sway she did as she maneuvered across the tiled mall atrium to direct people where things should fall in place really cute. She did not stride; instead, she used the slippery surface and slid around the space as if she were ice skating on solid concrete. I found that childlike execution of an adult task really adorable, and I haven’t forgotten it since.” —Teejay, 26

When she lets her imagination fly

“I really love how my girlfriend can make better jokes and stories than me. She’s an illustrator, and she keeps a journal where she records random, sometimes jokey thoughts about her day, accompanied by her own illustrations. I would try to come up with jokes or stories for her journal, and she would simply take my idea and make it a hundred times better. Maybe that’s why I fell for her: It just amazes me that there’s someone with whom I share the same brain frequency.” Paul, 28

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When she knows how to appreciate a good meal

“My fiancee loves food. We constantly try out newly opened restos or those we haven’t been to before. One of the things I really love about her is the look on her face on those two special moments: first, when the food is served to us; and second, her reaction after the first bite. She’ll wear this very big smile, almost teary-eyed, watching intently as the servers put the food down. Then, the climax—you can literally hear her moan ‘Mmmmmm’ with her mouth full, with a matching tirik mata look, and then a short pause and nods of approval after. It always brings a smile to my face, and also makes me realize how lucky a guy I am to have her.” Poko, 31

When she picks a fight—but not really

“It took a while for me to pick up on this, but my girlfriend has me engaging in what she likes to call ‘non-fight fights.’ We’d be chatting ‘til one of us breaks out the caps lock and riff on exaggerated to fantastic accusations stemming from a benign argument, which would go something like this:


‘Oh hey, we forgot to pick up some milk.’



These little non-fight fights give us all the catharsis with none of the issues.” Marco, 34

When she indulges his dude behaviors

“I love the way my girlfriend reprimands me whenever I tell an offensive joke. She usually starts by gasping ‘Honeeeeeey!’ followed by a list of reasons I shouldn’t say the joke. You can always tell she’s laughing underneath it all, though. She wants me to be a better, more politically appropriate person, yet she can’t help but be entertained by how messed up I am and I think that’s very sweet! That’s what being best friends is all about.” 
Reagan, 30

When she gives it to him straight—no bullshit

“I would often ask my girlfriend for feedback on video projects that I work on because I know that she’ll be honest about it. The gloves are off when she starts listing down parts of the video where I can do better. If I’m on a tight deadline, she gets totally real with me, which is good because it saves me time. I would not change a thing about her approach because it makes me reflect on the career path I have chosen, which in turn greatly motivates me to become better at my work, or anything for that matter. It’s one of the reasons I love her.” Yan, 27


When she’s not ashamed to be silly

“As professional as she is at work, I love how my girlfriend has so much childlike exuberance about her. She can still make fart jokes and bad puns, and she’s a very competitive tickle-fighter. It’s like she keeps a childish sense of humor without being childish herself. And somehow it’s still sexy.”  —Migs, 28

When she makes him feel that he’s all she needs

"My girlfriend and I work hard during the week so we rarely see each other, so when the weekend rolls around, we end up staying out late, sleeping over, and sleeping in. We just stay in bed until the afternoon, or until one of us gets hungry or starts looking for coffee. I love that about her—being with each other is enough." Joey, 32

When she’s affectionate—even in her sleep

“My wife’s currently on a break from work while we’re waiting for our first baby to come out. She religiously gets 10 hours of sleep every day, and this means she’s usually still asleep by the time I’m dressed and ready to head out the door. I love how, half-asleep, she unexpectedly puts me in a hug whenever I bend down to kiss her and her tummy goodbye.” JJ, 29


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