7 Reasons To Use Sex Toys On Your Boyfriend

Selfish as it may be, it'll make him much better in bed.

While fortunately it's becoming the norm for women to embrace their sexuality, in general, men still have an awkward relationship with their bodies. The social and cultural taboos surrounding male sexuality means many men don't discuss their private desires with the same kind empowerment as us millennial women.

This is also true of male sex toys, which have some kind of weird and totally outdated stigma surrounding them. Maybe it's because we've been conditioned to think of dudes who blow their loads into toys that look like disembodied vulva-tubes as bit "creepy"but whatever the reason, it's BS. Besides the obvious (i.e. it's fun), there are countless reasons why straight women should be using sex toys with their male partners. Sex expert Stu Nugent says these are the top seven.

1. It'll boost his sexual confidence

There is nothing sexier than confidence. Sex toys can help boost your confidence and your self-esteem, making you more attractive and potentially leading to more and better sex. Sex toys represent the ultimate virtuous circle, in which there are nothing but benefits and pleasure to be gained. You just have to take that first little step.

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2. They can help him last longer, feel more, and satisfy you better

Orgasm control is greatly improved with the use of sex toys. Even something relatively simple can make a man's erection bigger, more sensitive, and they'll be able to delay ejaculation easier. That's a pretty good deal.

3. They'll get better at sex

Everything in this article will make him a better lover, and that's all thanks to sex toys. Being more comfortable in their own body, being able to tell you what they want, being able to reciprocate, having more experience, this all ends up to ~better sex~.

4. Male sex toys are super cool these days

Let's just clarify something: Sex toys have changed a lot lately, and the demand for old rubber pocket-vaginas and inflatable sex toys is falling. Instead, men are looking for the same kind of quality in their sex toys that has been available to women for years. The market is doing well for guys right now, and the technology is incredible!

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5. It'll improve their overall health

There's an undeniable correlation between male orgasms and health. For starters, the chemicals released and produced by orgasms can have unexpected effectsincluding increased memory capabilities and brain function. They can help you sleep better, make you look younger, and much more. There's also growing evidence that prostate massage is beneficial for reproductive health over all. 

6. They'll start to take control of their own desires

Too often, men go through most of their lives unsatisfied with their sexual encounters and a vague sense that there's more to sex than the kind they're having. That's usually because they don't know exactly what it is they want from sex, or they don't have the tools, experience, or confidence to ask for it from a partner. Them using sex toys alone (and with you) will help them learn exactly what their desires areand how to articulate them.

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7. It'll make them get to know themselves better

Male sex toys are a shortcut to better intimate understanding. A man knowing his body and all the things it can do hugely increases their overall wellbeing. It's like maintenancethe better you understand how your laptop works for example, the better you become at getting the most out of it.


This article originally appeared on Cosmopolitan.com/uk. Minor edits have been made by the Cosmo.ph editors.

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