RJ Ledesma Releases New Book

RJ talks about sex in his new book, Playing with Pink Parts.

Anvil Publishing, Inc. releases Philippine Star columnist, RJ Ledesma's fourth book, Playing with Pink Parts, a guide to “gayumas, aphrodisiacs and love spells." In his usual funny and irreverent style, he offers solutions to the problems and challenges encountered by the male populace in relation to sex matters.

Award-winning author, Jose Dalisay Jr. says in his Foreword, “Sex and humor are two of the most potent forces known to man, and RJ appears to have mastered both. Lest one mistake him for just another randy fool, take note how sharply his humor is barbed politically, to the point that one suspects this is his real agenda.”

From using missent text messages to different types of glazed donuts, the book compiles tips, advice, and humorous love spells promising to “help” NGSB, (which stands for “No Girlfriend Since Birth”) guys who are not so lucky in the love department.

“When you have friends over in your place, serve a tray of assorted donuts. These should include one pink-glazed, one orange-glazed, and one white-glazed donut. The woman who takes the pink-glazed donut will be willing to have intercourse with you and will eventually fall in love with you.”

RJ Ledesma's Playing with Pink Parts is now available in the Humor Section of National Book Store, Powerbooks and Bestsellers.

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