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Say Goodbye To Blind Date Blunders

A blind date or speed date doesn't have to be a horrific experience! Cosmo shares five tips to help you enjoy the experience instead of running away from it.
  • Don’t be soo “blind.” All of us fear meeting potential stalkers or boring dudes that we totally diss the whole dating scene. The best you can do is “find out as much as you can about the other person without being nosy,” says Jacob Von Baeyer, writer for lifestyle website Lifenetwork. Whether it’s a solo setup or speed dating event, try to find out as much about your date so you know what to expect.
  • Place makes perfect. You’re lucky to have today’s dating service providers who’ll set up the most conducive scene for you. But if you find yourself planning a date yourself, pick a quiet, comfortable spot where both you and your date can be at ease, like a coffee shop or a not-so-romantic resto. The less pressure, the better.
  • First impressions last. Blind dates and speed dates are informal by nature, so forego the glamarama or sex kitten outfit. Wear something sexy but comfortable (save the cleavage free shows for date two). While keeping these pointers in mind, Baeyer stresses that “it’s [still] important not to forsake your own personal style. After all, you’re most comfortable when you’re yourself, right?”
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  • Be open. There’s nothing quite as horrible as a blind date who’s unwilling to let loose. Snap out of your snobbish, this-will-lead-to-nowhere attitude and just keep an open mind. Although some blind dates won’t launch fireworks, it “doesn’t have to be a complete waste,” says Baeyer. “Offer your date the same kind of respect that you expect from him. And, as trite as it sounds, have fun.”
  • Keep steady. “People worry that blind dating implies desperation,” says Baeyer. This is why a lot hate being set up. What you have to remember is that your date might probably be having the same issues and the same stressful monologue about his fears and worries as you have. So don’t worry. You’re out to meet people-not marry your next dinner date.