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9 Pinays On When They Almost Got Caught Having Sex At Home

'I was giving him a blow job and then I heard the gate open.'

Let's face it: Home is where a lot of hot sex happens. Whatever type it isquickies, long, steamy sessions, or shower sex—it can be pretty epic… Or it could be a close call to getting caught in the act, just like the stories these nine Pinays shared.

DND Roomie

"I was living with two roommates at the time. The two of them usually went home to their provinces during the weekends. So one time, I had my Tinder date come over. We were so in the moment when we heard one of my roommates enter the condo. Luckily, she stayed in the sala. We finished in the shower (less noise that way) and went out to greet her after."—Rina, 25

Great Pretenders

"We arrived sa bahay, walang tao, it's G time! I was giving him a blow job and then I heard the gate open! We pretended to be asleep [before whoever arrived came into the house]."—QuickieGirl, 24

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The Busy Couple

"My husband and I had sex after matagal na wala. Sobrang busy kasi sa work and sa kids, so we never have as much energy and stamina as we did before. But that time, game na game kami. Muntik na namin hindi mapansin na nag-click ‘yung door at pumasok sa kwarto ‘yung eldest namin. Buti na lang naka-kumot kami, so stop agad, pretend na nagpapahinga lang, sagot sa tanong niya tapos umalis na siya. Back to business! Haha!"—Mich, 34

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No Pets Allowed

"I was ready to do it with my boyfriend. We were kissing and I was about to give him a hand job. We were so focused that we were shookt when his dogs suddenly barked at us! We didn't realize they were in the room, so we kicked them out and locked the door right away to get back to what were about to do."—Hailey, 26

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Up, Up, and Away

"My BF and I got a little naughty and had sex on the sofa. We were just about to climax when somebody knocked on the door. I hurriedly went upstairs and let him check who it was."—AtomsGem, 28

The Spooning Pros

"It happened when my partner and I were still dating in college. I was allowed to sleep over at their place sometimes, but he shared a room with his brother. They slept on adjacent beds. And we were naughty enough to do it more than once by spooning under the covers while his brother was sleeping. As far as we know, we didn't get caught, but there were times we might have been heard when I couldn't control my moans. LOL!"—Sheena, 26

Sneaky Kitty

"My then-boyfriend (now-husband) and I were fooling around at my folk's house when we heard them looking for us. We were about to cum, so we did it quick but quietly!"—Kitty, 31

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The Unexpected Ending

"I was doing it at home with my ex-boyfriend, and I was sure no one would be home until after school hours. We were in the living room, I was on top, and I was so noisy as I was riding him. But then we (fortunately) heard the door being opened by my little brother. We scrambled to get dressed and composed ourselves. They were allowed to go home early that day (of all days!) The worst part was we didn't even get to finish!"—Marie, 28

The Aftermath

"One time, we just finished having sex in my room at my parent's house. We didn't have a condom, so he came on my body, and some spilled on my bed and on him. We were resting for a bit when we heard the gate outside open. We bolted upright, got dressed, and cleaned up. I had to bid goodbye to one of my shirts because we grabbed anything we could to wipe the cum off of us and my bed. When my parents arrived, they didn't suspect anything (at least we hoped they didn't). We pretended to just be watching a movie in the living room then."—Kate, 27

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