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This Christmas, Spoil Your Man With These Sex Toys

He might be pleasantly surprised.

Much like how sex toys can do wonders for women, men can benefit from these babies as well. Some men are more than willing to experiment with sex toys, while others are understandably hesitant. You know your man better than anyone. Is he adventurous enough to get excited over a surprise sex toy, or will this gift bruise his ego? If he’s a vibrator virgin, be sure to ease him into it (pun intended). Know what he’s comfortable with, and see how far he’s willing to go.

And if he’s game to try something new, here are some beginner-friendly options:

1. Tenga Egg Clicker

Price: P490

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This toy is small, but powerful! He won’t know where the strokes are coming from.

2. Tenga Egg Wavy

Price: P490

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It has multiple layers of large, flexible ribs that’ll give your man waaaves of pleasure.

3. Tenga Polygon

Price: P1,900

Its triangular edges create smooth but strong strokes that’ll drive bae crazy.

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4. Tenga Spiral

Price: P1,900

The Spiral’s detailed rib combines two separate sensations—for hard and soft stimulations. ;)

5. Cobra Libre II

Price: P6,250

The Cobra Libre II has a velvety interior, and two motors that’ll send vibrations to your guy’s most sensitive spot.

6. We-Vibe 4 Plus

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Price: P10,190

This sex toy is one you can enjoy together. It hits the right spots, both internally and externally! It has its own remote; but you can control it with your smartphone as well!

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