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Quick Question: Should You Wait If He's Not Ready For Marriage?

To ask or not to ask, that is the question.
Should You Wait If He's Not Ready For Marriage?
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When you're in a stable relationship, you get to a point where you wonder when will and your partner take the next step: Marriage. Like the DTR (define the relationship) part of new couples, bringing up this topic can be challenging (or even heartbreaking.)

If you find yourself at this relationship crossroads, we asked the Cosmo Girls what they think is the *best* way to face this. Here are their responses:

Compromise and wait

"Meet halfway. Ask him his plans. Kung kasama ka naman dun, good. Good communication is the key, cliche pero it works. Good luck!" - @my_safe_space_earth2

"No rush no pressure. Baka kakamadali magpa-engage at kasal, mabilis maghiwalay. Let it be. Dadating din yung time. Mag-invest and mag-save para sa future. Huwag pabigla bigla. Take it easy. Also don’t forget to pray." - @piangsiojo

"Just wait. Have the patience to wait for the right moment. It will happen at the right time." - Janel Uy

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"'Wag pilitin ang ayaw! Mas hindi mag-wo-work out [kapag minadali]. In the end, baka mas masaktan ka lang." - @sheena23rn

"Reevaluate the entire relationship and ponder why you're ready and why he isn't." - @nagumiaaliyah

Just do it

"Seize the moment and propose to him instead. It's already 2022 anyway." - Guia Yu

"Propose to him and prepare for a [heartbreak emoji]" - @_anabolz_

"I'll do it myself. I'll ask him the golden question and let him buy the ring. Hihi." - @jishailyam

Leave and let go

"Leave. Baka hindi talaga niya nakikita ung sarili niya na pakasalan ka." - @trulybetched

"Then don’t. Never ask. Never expect. Never assume." - Anna Ramona Marione

"Don't waste your time and youth! The world is so big! TRAVEL! Let go." - anapoldiazaday

Talk to your partner

"Communicate. Talk to each other about your future plans and goals, timelines, and current concerns/struggles (financial, etc). You would know if he sees you in the 'marriage' part." - @loven.stuffs

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"Tanungin mo kung anung plano niya." - @clumsyjher

"Sit him down and talk about it." -

"Communicate with each other and know that what you have together will stay, if you will get married or not. You’ve already committed to each other by being together." - @jennifirhein

*Answers were edited for clarity.


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