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9 Dating Things Mahiyain Girls Can Relate To

Talkative on FB chat, but really quiet in person. Oh no.

1. Chatting a lot with the guy you like online, but when you see him in person, you fall silent.

You don't want to say the wrong word or stutter in front of him and end up embarrassing yourself or turning him off. 

2. You don't talk to him first even if you really, really want to.

What if he doesn't want to be disturbed? What if he thinks you're so desperate to get a BF (and you're really not) that he'll mock you or end up playing with your feelings? Better not make the first move.

3. You don't know how to take a compliment.

He, along with other people who praise you, might think you're mayabang if you say "thanks" for a compliment. Remember that moment in Mean Girls when Regina George was like, "So you agree? You think you're really pretty?" Yeah, you do not want that happening to you, regardless of what you think of your looks. That's really embarrassing! Easy way out? For you, you say "Nah. I'm okay."

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4. You don't really interact with his friends. 

They're having this intense/hilarious conversation about something, and even if you think of things to add to the convo, you just sit there and listen. That funny or smart thing you thought of might just be great for you, not for them. And you don't want them thinking that your guy was silly enough to fall for a weird girl like you.

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5. You can't be alone with his family or else you'll feel super awkward.

What can you guys do aside from small talk, painfully awkward small talk? What if, after telling them about your academic background, your job, your hobbies and interests, they think their son is better off with someone else? Wait, why care so much about what they think, if their son will stand by you? Oh, right. They can make your life hell.

You have to admit though that small talk with his family isn't so bad with your guy by your side. You feel like he's backing you up, and he can keep the ball rolling just in case there's any awkward silence.

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6. You're afraid to say hi first to his parents.

You just want to hide and pretend that you didn't see them in their own house. They seem to be busy anyway, and you're not staying long. Still, you force yourself to say hello and ask them how they are. It really is the right thing to do. Your guy would be so proud if he knew.

7. People mistake you for being rude.

You just don't know it, but all that shyness gives his family and his friends a bad impression of you. While it's okay to be mahiyain, too much of it makes you keep to yourself, hence makes other people think you're a snob, that you don't want to mingle and make friends. There should be a point where you conquer it because that would mean you've established a pretty stable bond with other people that you can be yourself around them and vice versa.

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8. Your boyfriend might think you don't like his friends or his family.

Similar to the previous point, it's because you don't interact with them so much and he probably thinks you're not trying. You explain to him that you're really just shy. Hopefully he helps you become more comfortable around his circle.

9. You get self-conscious when you're taking your clothes off for some sexy time.

For the first time around, at least. What'll he think of your body? Is he okay with pubes? Crap, you forgot to shave your legs this morning. And you shouldn't have had a really heavy dinner at—what's this?! He's still putting his arms around you and leaning in for a smooch? ALL RIGHT!

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