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Sex Toys That'll Make You Glad You're Flying Solo This V-Day

Love yourself.

Here are some ways single people spend Valentine's Day:

  • By planning a night out with their other single friends. 
  • By wining and dining themselves at their favorite restaurant.
  • By getting drunk and mourning singlehood (not advisable). 
  • Or by waiting for the day to end with Netflix and a box of chocolates. 

But Valentine's Day is about love—in all its forms, which includes self-love. So instead of sulking over being single, we suggest treating yourself to a night in with a new toy. 

If you're looking for a new battery-operated boyfriend for February 14, ahead are some of our recommendations for a night of multiple orgasms. Don't forget to hydrate in between solo sessions! ;)

This sex toy will put a big smile on your face. 

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Price: P2,199; Shop here

Invest in a magic wand with 10 frequencies, enough to make you want to stay in bed. 

Price: P808.88; Shop here

This rabbit promises to hit your clit and G-spot at the same time. 

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Price: P349; Shop here

Want a completely new experience? Try this touch-free clit stimulator. Yes, it's all air!

Price: P4,800; Shop here

And if you're a busy girl who can't take a night off, go for the travel-friendly version instead. 

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Price: P3,600; Shop here

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