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Stages of PDA, By Age

Public Display of Affection through the years!

AGE 13-14
My first kiss! Best. Day. Ever. OMG, I have to tell ALL my friends. 

AGE 15-16
Twitter and Facebook flirting is as public as it gets. Maybe I should post patama song lyrics and see if my crush notices. Hey look, he just favorited my tweet! Kilig!

AGE 17-18
It’s prom and grad ball season! Slow dancing under the moonlight, holding hands under the table, cute couple photobooth photos to be uploaded on Instagram. Sigh.

AGE 19-20
Kiss me. Kiss me NOW. No, I really don’t care if other people are watching.

AGE 21-23
Babe, why am I not in your profile picture? And why is your relationship status still single? I think it’s about time we make it Facebook offish.

AGE 24-27
Let's be silly in public and make people feel awkward!

AGE 28-29
Wait, what are trying you to do? Stop that, it’s inappropriate. Save it for later!


Age 30 and up
Hi. Can we start cuddling and be all cute again? 

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