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Study Shows Most Women Fantasize About Being Submissive

But they don't necessarily want those fantasies to come true.

It's always been fairly impossible to gauge the normalcy of sexual fantasies, but new science suggests that your all-time freakiest sex dreams are probably pretty common, according to a study recently published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine.

To put things in perspective, a group of adventurous researchers affiliated with University of Montreal presented 1,516 adults with a list of 55 different sexual fantasies ranging from sex with multiple people to sex with objects and animals, and more. The participants ranked the intensity of each fantasy and described their favorite ones in detail.

Most people were turned on by the majority of fantasies on the list, which makes sense because people who participate in sex studies tend to be more sexually open than those who'd blush at the prospect. Still, the most popular fantasy among both sexes was pretty vanilla: having sex with ~*RoMaNtiC fEeLiNgS~*. Sex in unexpected or romantic places ranked up there too.


Christian Grey would be happy to hear that nearly 65 percent of women reported fantasies about sexual submission. Specifically, more than 52 percent of women said bondage revs them up, 36 percent fancy spanking, and 28.9 fantasize about being forced to have sex. (For the record, a significant number of men were turned on by the same things—even though guys were more likely to fantasize about oral sex, extramarital sex, having sex with multiple woman, and ejaculating on their partners.)

Also interesting: About half of women whose favorite fantasies involved submission said they wouldn't want to actually act it out. Researchers say that guys are more likely than women to want to fulfill sexual fantasies—good news in case you are looking for a partner to make your dreams come true.

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