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The Differences Between Mr. Right And Mr. Maybe

Make your search for Mr. Right closer to reality with the help of this comparative guide.

More and more single chicks think that they deserve the best when it comes to finding their own guy—and who says they don’t? Getting into a relationship isn’t just a meantime exercise. When making a commitment, you want to seal the deal with someone who would make the perfect lifetime companion. If a three-hour bus ride with the wrong guy can already feel like hell, what more if you’re going to be stuck with him forever? Don’t pass up the opportunity of snagging your very own Mr. Right. Have a keen eye for detail and be the girl who knows what she’s looking for. Who knows? The guy you’re looking for might just be around the corner. Just be sure you don’t demand these things from guys. You’d want to know if they’re willing to go the extra mile for you, right?

Mr. Right: He will call you the moment you hang up on him.
Mr. Maybe: He will be deadma and think to himself, “She’ll call again anyway.”


Mr. Right: He will give you flowers even when there’s no special occasion.
Mr. Maybe: What flowers?

Mr. Right: He still thinks you’re awesome even during your most haggard days.
Mr. Maybe: He has the gall to pipe in, “Hun, mag-makeup ka naman when you feel too blah to care.

Mr. Right: He will volunteer to drive you to your barkada night out even when it’s out of the way.
Mr. Maybe: He always begs you to not 
hang with your friends ’cause “they’re weird.”

Mr. Right: He assures you when the green-eyed monster rears its ugly head.
Mr. Maybe: He scoffs at your green-eyed self, or he doesn’t give a darn.

Mr. Right: He will stop himself from blowing off steam even if you walk out on him.
Mr. Maybe: He will stage his own walk-out when you come back to the room.

Mr. Right: He will vouch for you even in front of his parents.
Mr. Maybe: He will probably wait ’til the apocalypse before he introduces you as his GF to his folks.

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Mr. Right: He will appreciate beauty when he sees it but pledges his loyalty to you alone.
Mr. Maybe: He will justify his flirtatious encounters as effective social skills.

Mr. Right: He isn’t afraid to say “I’m sorry” when he hurts you.
Mr. Maybe: He says “sorry na nga! just to quiet your nagging.

Mr. Right: He will dare to watch Project Runway with you just because he likes patronizing your interests.
Mr. Maybe: He will never ever get caught watching girly shows with you because he believes it makes him less of a man.

Mr. Right: He isn’t dyahe to get romantic with you when his crew is around.
Mr. Maybe: He forgets he brought a plus-one as he gets wrapped up playing video games with the boys.

Mr. Right: He picks you up on your OT nights and even stays with you in the office if he can. 
Mr. Maybe: He excuses himself from picking you up after midnight and texts something like, “You can go home by yourself naman, right? I’m sleepy already.”


Mr. Right: He will quietly wait in the mall as you shop to your heart’s content.
Mr. Maybe: He will tell you to hurry up and go buy the first thing that you like.

Mr. Right: He will ask you intimate questions and urge you to talk more about your past and dreams, because he wants to discover more.
Mr. Maybe: He will listen to your stories, period. No follow-up questions, comments, nothing.

Mr. Right: He will find time to have quality time with you, even at his busiest.
Mr. Maybe: He will make you feel that his career is his first great love.

Mr. Right: He will attempt to pull off all the most romantic and cheesiest love gestures he can think of just to make you feel extra special on your birthday.
Mr. Maybe: He forgets your birthday or hands you walang ka-effort-effort gifts from a convenience store.

Mr. Right: He will encourage you to do your best and support you in all your endeavors, including pole dancing and James Reid fan-girling.
Mr. Maybe: He will be supportive but not enthusiastically so…in fact, his congratulatory cheer is a bit pilit when you chirp something as thrilling as “Guess who got promoted?”


Mr. Right: He will squeeze in an “I’m busy babe. Call you later.” text message when he’s, well, busy.
Mr. Maybe: He will send you a message the next day with another lame excuse why he failed to keep in touch (“My washing machine ate my phone.”).

Mr. Right: He will surprise you on special occasions.
Mr. Maybe: He will dish out another lame excuse for forgetting your anniversary.

This story originally appeared in Cosmopolitan magazine, November 2010.

* Minor edits have been made by editors