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The Sneaky Ways He's Making You Fall In Love With Him

Some keep it casual.

You might not notice it, but men do certain things to make you pay attention to them. They have go-to moves that'll make you fall head over heels for their smile or their kwento, and you won't even realize it until you're hooked. Take it from the guys themselves who reveal the subtle, or sometimes, not-so-subtle strategies they use to get the girl.

Keeping it casual

"I’ll cook for her. Before I go to sleep, I just randomly text her that I’ll be cooking something special early morning tomorrow. And that she has to try my super special pasta (brag about it, build it up, tell her it's famous in some parts of the country, etc.) and that she doesn’t need to prepare baon na. Then I’ll bring the food to her before I go to work. Then I’ll text her late afternoon for a 'review' of my super special pasta. Just make everything look casual. Even if the food is not that good, she will remember it and will tell her friends about it. " –Manuel, 29

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Pa-suplado effect

"No. 1 is, of course, make her laugh. Lalo na kung hindi ka naman ka-gwapuhan, that would greatly compensate. Second siguro is, more than trying to catch her attention and getting her to notice me, I think mas effective ’yung I ignore her. Pa-suplado effect kumbaga. –Paulo 

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The full gameplay

First, taunt and flirt with her until it starts to feel real. Second, introduce her to your world outside of the office and surprise her with what you can do. She’ll see you in a new light when she finds out that you’re good at basketball or playing music. Next, and for some reason, girls find taken guys more attractive. Find a girlfriend. (I’m kidding). And lastly, make every conversation with her count. Influence her in your own little way (your favorite book/movie or hangout place) and vice-versa. –Mikey, 27

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