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This Instagram Account Is Dedicated To The Beauty Of Vaginas (NSFW)

Give your vulva some love.
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Here's your daily reminder to love yourself—and we mean, every little bit of you. Dutch artist Hilde Atalanta started The Vulva Gallery to remind women that no two vulvae look the same. Why? Hilde attended a labiaplasty lecture and was floored. If you're not sure what labiaplasty is, it's a procedure that can change how your labia looks, which can be a source of insecurity for a lot of women.

Hilde told SELF, "I learned about the huge increase in labiaplasty worldwide, and I was really shocked. I didn't realize it was such a big deal to so many individuals, [that] people were thinking that their vulva were weird or ugly."

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Now, Hilde posts a photo of a different vulva every day. And if you're wondering how she comes up with so many different vulvae, Hilde said, "I started receiving requests or emails from women saying, 'Can I please send you a picture of mine to inspire you for your gallery?' So right now it's a bit of my imagination, pictures I receive, and also I look up images on the internet to get more inspiration. There's so much diversity I cannot think it up all by myself." 

We know you're probably wired to want your vagina to look a certain way—small, symmetrical, and light—but the truth is, that's not the "norm." There's no "correct" look so don't be afraid to show your vagina some love. 

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