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This Gadget Can Give You Sex Dreams

Behold, the world's first lucid-dream sex simulator.

With the Dream Rooster, you can now have sex dreams on demand!

The product is described as the world’s first lucid-dream sex simulator, designed to give you the hottest beauty sleep you've ever had.

It’s basically a vibrator that you insert inside your underwear before you go to sleep. But this is no ordinary sex toy—it’s also a lucid dream trainer. According to the video below, the Dream Rooster works best when you learn the difference between being awake and being asleep. When you’ve mastered this skill, you can adjust the degree of simulation that will guarantee dreaming about your wildest fantasies. 

C.E.O Tony Maggs gives us a walkthrough—and a pitch to invest—so he can bring his invention from prototype to production:


What do you think of the Dream, Rooster, CGs? 

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