This Modern Love: 5 Ways Technology Has Made Dating Complicated

Why did you seen-zone me?

1. "Getting to know" someone now means stalking them on social media.
You don’t even have to tell the guy you’re dating much about your past, because it's all over Facebook! Yep, those nene photos of you and your questionable fashion choices included. And even before you start dating a new guy, you’ve probably seen his entire Instagram feed. Lol. 

2. Seen-zoning is the worst.
Read receipts are great when it comes to work-related messages—that’s it. When it comes to relationships, it’s usually the beginning of an awful fight. “Why didn’t you reply to my message? You saw it five minutes ago!” 

3. Overanalyzing social media posts.
It’s now so much easier to keep tabs on someone you’re dating, but it could also lead to you losing sleep, wondering what his cryptic tweet was about, or if that girl who keeps commenting on his Instagram post is an ahas in disguise.

4. Texting is the new normal.
And it’s just so hard to understand what he means over text! He replied to you with an “Okay” sans emoji—does this mean you’re fighting now? Are you breaking up tomorrow? Is he cheating on you? Nope, he’s probably just driving and couldn’t type on his phone properly. Technology, everybody.

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5. There's no hiding from anyone—your ex included.
When you break up with someone and you still follow them on all your social media accounts, there is a big possibility that you will still see what your ex is up to—even if you don’t mean to. Sometimes it hurts and can trigger a hagulgol session, and that sucks. So unfollow him IMMEDIATELY. Hide, block, delete, EVERYTHING.

Bonus: Online PDA

We all have that friend who posts waaaay too many couple posts, or those constant messages on each other’s wall: “Love you so much, bub!” Public displays of affection already raise enough eyebrows when witnessed in person, but having it on your newsfeed every time you check your account is JUST. SO. ANNOYING. Don't be that couple!

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