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To The Guy Who Cheated On Me

You said you would never do it.

You broke me.

You said you’d never do it to me. You listened to my story of how my friend bawled her eyes out when she discovered her man was seeing another girl on the side, even though they were already engaged. You held my hand and looked into my eyes and said that I never had to worry about you doing the same to me—because you swear you never would. 

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You should have just left.

Instead of sneaking around behind my back, you could have just ended things with me. You could have spared me from my sleepless nights and lonely mornings. How was it living like that? How was it like secretly texting her while you were with me? Were you with her those nights you said you weren't in the mood for a date? I have so many questions that I am both dying and terrified to know the answers to. With the damage and drama you and that girl have caused me and the people around me, I really hope she was worth it.

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Don’t break someone to fix yourself.

Maybe you had issues with yourself. Maybe you weren’t sure if I was the right one and that’s why you had to see someone else. Well, way to go, idiot! Way to break me just so you could fix yourself. Thanks for showing me that I wasn't enough for you. 

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I’m glad I didn’t stay.

Remember when we had that serious talk on our first year together? I told you that if you cheated on me, I’d break up with you agad-agad. I will admit, that was easier said than done. I actually thought of staying with you after I found out. I considered staying because I thought maybe one day, I would look beyond your mistake and see you the same way I did the first time you asked me to go out with you. But I chose not to stay. Because I knew things would never be the same.

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Life goes on.

I am better now. I’ve moved on. I’m writing to you for closure, for me to keep you in my past. So please don't ever show up at my house anymore. Don't bother calling me again, too. Because you know what, I deserve better. Fuck you.