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Top Lies of Women

Ever said something to your guy that you don't really mean?

We found a pretty priceless thread in the Fun Fearless Forum about white lies women tell their men. We're pretty sure a guy started the topic, but we gotta say, some posts were right on track! Here, we compiled some of our faves and decoded them based on our experience (Yes, we're guilty as charged—sometimes!).

Lie: “I’m okay.”
What it really means: “Do I really have to explain why I am so pissed at you? Ugh, so dense!"

Lie: “Go ahead.”
What it really means: “If you do it, I will be deeply hurt by your actions.”

Lie: “I'll be there in a minute.”
What it really means: “I am hurrying up, but I'm still shaving my legs, fixing my hair, putting on makeup...”

Lie: “I’m not jealous! Promise!”
What it really means: “Please don't give me a reason to be.”

Lie: “Do I look fat in this outfit? Be honest."
What it really means: “I worked hard on putting this outfit together, so just say that I look good.”

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Lie: “I’m not ready for a relationship.”
What it really means: “You’re not my type.”

Lie: "I won't tell a soul!"
What it really means: “Except for [Insert name of best friend here].”

Lie: “Diet na ‘ko.”
What it really means: “Only when we're together. Haha!”

Lie: “I’m over him na.”
What it really means: “I still stalk him on Facebook.”

Lie: “Let’s stop by the department store! I’m just going to look around. Sandali lang!”
What it really means: "Give me at least an hour!"

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Lie: Though not technically a lie, beware of the sound of sheer silence.
What it really means: Run for the hills. Now.

Lie: “Don’t worry. It was on sale.”
What it really means: “I don’t want to tell you how much it was because I blew my whole paycheck on it.”

Lie: “I have my period today.”
What it really means: “I don’t feel like doing anything tonight.”

Lie: “Oops, that text wasn’t meant for you.”
What it really means: “I want you to know that I’m thinking about you. I’m sending you a hint that I like you!”

Lie: “’Di ‘ko crush ‘yun no!”
What it really means:  “I’m on the defensive because I really do think he’s cute!”

Lie: When talking to her crush, she'll say, "Hindi naman ako busy."
What it really means: “I’ll stay up the whole night just to talk to you.”

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Lie: “Whatever.”
What it really means: “I'm exasperated and I don't have the energy to explain myself or make a decision right now.”

Lie: “I have nothing to wear!”
What it really means: “I’m not in the mood to wear anything in my closet, so I must buy a new outfit ASAP!”

Lie: On a first date: “I'm not that hungry.”
What it really means: “I'm super conscious about food getting stuck in my teeth!"

Lie: "Ikaw bahala. It's up to you, babe."
What it really means: “I'm secretly hoping you'll choose what I want.”

Lie: “Of course I love spending time with your mom.”
What it really means: “...In moderation, of course!”  

Lie: “Ang pangit ‘ko na.”
What it really means: “I'm fishing for a is the time to say I'm pretty!”

Lie: “Don't worry about it. I got it.”
What it really means: “I told you to do this a million times, but here I am doing it for you…again!”

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Lesson learned: We should just say what we mean and mean what we say to make life less complicated. But while we're at it, share some more white lies you've said (and their translation) by commenting below!