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We Got Insider Details About Chynna Ortaleza's 'Black' Bouquet!

Chynna shares, ‘I actually appreciate flowers when they’re dead.’
PHOTO: (LEFT) Nice Print Photo, (RIGHT) Instagram/teddymanuel

On November 7, Chynna Ortaleza and Kean Cipriano tied the knot for the second time at the Hearts of Jesus and Mary Parish in Q.C.

A non-traditional bride, Chynna carried a bouquet of plum (almost black) Calla Lilies, Cosmos, and berries down the aisle. (Editor's Note: Kean is the vocalist of Pinoy pop-rock band Callalily).

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Prior to their second wedding, sat down with Kean and Chynna to talk about the big day. When we asked about her wedding bouquet, Chynna disclosed, “What I initially wanted was a metallic bouquet, metallic corsage, and boutonnieres made out of metallic fender picks.” Understandably, Teddy Manuel, their floral and event designer, was apprehensive about the idea: “He said to me, ‘Baka masugatan kayo.’”

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Kean quipped, “She likes dead flowers.”

Chynna continued, “Yeah, so when I met Teddy, the first thing I told him was, ‘Your bride hates flowers.’ Teddy was like, ‘Ok, we can do something non-floral.’ But then I said, ‘You know, I actually appreciate flowers when they’re dead.’” Despite her initial hesitation to carry a floral bouquet, Chynna eventually agreed as long as it wasn’t white or pastel. 

She added, “[When people give me flowers], I don’t put them in a jar. I press them, put them in a box, wait for them to wilt, and then keep them. [That’s also why, for the wedding], we agreed on using a lot of leaves, branches, shrubbery.” 

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