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Pinoys, According To Pinays

'Papakiligin ka, papaasahin ka, tapos sasabihin binigyan mo lang ng meaning ginagawa nila.'

1. Pinoys are softies.

"Ang mga lalaki malambot deep inside kahit na gaano pa kaangas 'yan, kahit na gaano pa kalaki muscles niyan. Kapag usapang family na, heartbreak, friend in need, makikita mo kung gaano sila kabait. Hindi sila nahihiyang magsabi ng sweet words to comfort those whom they love." —Renalyn 22

"No matter how strong a man is, he'll cry over a girl he really loves. I've observed that from my boyfriend. I’ve seen him cry so many times when we have misunderstandings. Hagulgol talaga siya nung sumakabilang buhay 'yung lola niya. Kahit anong pigil niya, hindi napigilan ng luha niyang tumulo."  —Tala, 26

2. Yet, they can opt to be emotionally cold.

"Filipino men have the ability to hide their emotions. When big problems and petty quarrels enter a relationship, women normally react more than men. Men, on the other hand, can act to seem unaffected. They can choose to be silent about the matter while some women cry over it. They tend to be insensitive, spurred on by a false sense of pride. Overall, men are simply more able to hide their true feelings." —Desiree, 23

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3. They can have a sudden change of heart.

"Some, if not all Filipinos, can change with a snap of the finger. A guy might be head over heels for you, proclaiming his so-called obsession over you today, and the next day he could be a different, cold person. On the other hand, there are those who know how to keep their word. In short, there are jerks but good guys still exist." Marjorie, 22

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4. Many Filipinos are afflicted with Peter Pan Syndrome.

"Kahit pa gaano na sila katanda, 'yung love nila for computer games, anime, and toys will always be there. Hindi nila na-a-outgrow and I just can't understand why." —Cath, 36

"They only live in the moment. They never have plans for the future. And honestly, it's quite frustrating because we, women, would like to settle with someone settled." —Kris, 27

5. They still love their beer and barkada.

"Their lives revolve around cigarettes, beer, friends, and sex. They can give up everything as long as nandiyan ang barkada nila and bisyo. Kahit tumanda na sila, hindi na nila matatanggal 'yan sa sistema nila kasi they think that defines their pagka-lalaki." —Mae, 29

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"They love their barkada and alak more than anything else in this world. I'm certain of that. Kapag girl chat, my friends share the same sentiment na mas pinipili ng boyfriends nila mag-bar kaysa makipag-date." —Ayra, 18

6. Ever heard of the "Pa-Fall"?

"This year, it seems like napaka-gentleman and sobrang sweet ng mga lalaki kong kaibigan. Kahit wala kaming relasyon, kapag kasama ko sila feeling ko safe ako. Iyon nga lang, pa-fall silaPapakiligin ka, papaasahin ka tapos sasabihin binigyan mo lang ng meaning ginagawa nila."  —Daph, 20

7. And finally: Women love the friend zone.

"Filipinos, naturally, are very nice, protective, and loving. But I must say I like them better in the friend zone because once I take it a step further, things ironically become less sweet." —Stephanie, 28

"Kung sa pagkakaibigan lang ang pag-uusapan, the best ang mga lalaki. Walang issue, walang drama, walang selosan. But being in a relationship with a man is entirely a different story." —Jenny, 20

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