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What It's Like To Date A Photographer

Your Facebook profile pictures are dabombdotcom.

The best thing about dating a photographer? Your lives will be excellently documented. Sure, there are some cons here and there, but no profession will ever get in the way of a healthy relationship as long as you’re with a great guy, amiright? Here are some of the benefits and hassles I’ve experienced:

1. Free (and pretty!) Facebook profile pictures. No more selfies, I'm with a professional! (Though I do make sure to credit the boyfriend so he gets something out of it, too.)

2. …in exchange, you’re gonna have to stand in…a lot. When he takes test shots and I'm the only one there, I already anticipate several minutes of standing under warm lights. 

3. Free training to up your Instagram game. I always get free tips and lessons. I can’t say I always apply them, but it helps to know the basics. 

4. You have someone to watch America’s/Asia’s Next Top Model with. There aren't a lot of straight men who watch shows on fashion and modeling, but my man loves it. He gets a lot of tips on directing, and he gets pretty good ideas for his own shoots…or so he says. I honestly believe the drama that comes with reality TV makes it entertaining for him, too, but I’ll let him keep his press release.

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5. You’re always around beautiful (and well-dressed) people. I love shopping for clothes and make up as much as the next Cosmo girl, but on a regular day, I’m just in shorts and a tank top with no make up on. I’m comfortable for the most part, but you occasionally run into people so put together that you suddenly become hyperaware of your split ends and eye bags. 

6. …but you don’t get jealous of them anymore. I noticed early on that because he sees beauty so objectively, there’s nothing to worry about. And I also learned to be more confident with what I have to offer. Win-win!

7. Press events. We get to go to product launches and other events together so it’s easy, quick dates where we get the lowdown on the latest trends in Manila. Not a bad perk!

8. You get chismis on celebs...and not always the good kind. Of course I don’t go around sharing it with people, but it’s pretty cool to hear the boyfriend's observations and stories about work.

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9. He's always on, so you have to be patient. He describes interesting moments as “great shots” and he’ll often want to take them. These moments sometimes come in the middle of dates, important conversations, car trips, and more. It can get intrusive, but hey, it’s a small price to pay. At least you know you have someone who sees beauty in everything. No to nega boyfriends!

10. No office job means more free time! We spend a lot of time together, so compatibility over time is easier to gauge. We also get to do more stuff on weekdays.

11. Lots of last minute schedule changes. On the down side, work can get in the way of pre-planned trips. He gets a lot of last minute, out-of-town shoots so we sometimes have to cancel our plans. But again, with the right guy, it’s always worth it. Don’t sweat the small stuff!