What to Talk About On The First Date

No matter how many times you've gone on dates, it's normal to still feel nervous about that FIRST date.

Hobbies and interests

Knowing each other’s hobbies and passions allows you to see if you have anything in common—whether it’s reading books (What was the last novel you read?), enjoying art galleries (Have you ever been to the Ayala Museum?), or engaging in extreme sports (What's the most daring thing you've ever done?). Plus, it gives you an idea for your next date!

Circle of friends

Knowing whom he hangs out with gives you a clearer picture of the kind of person he is. Talking about your friends also lets him understand you and how you are as a person.

Goals and dreams

There’s nothing more attractive than a person with ambitions in life. Talk about your career goals and how you plan to achieve them; let him share his dreams of traveling or putting up a business. Likewise, open up about your own goals, too!

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