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I Called Off My Wedding Because My Partner Cheated, Then My Sister Tried To Use My Wedding Plans

One woman shared her story on Reddit, and it's full of family drama.
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For sure, we’ve all heard of people calling of their weddings. From falling out of love to cheating fiances, these always end on a sad note because after all, weddings are supposed to be a ~*celebration of love*~. 

But this particular one is *very* messy—like it’s straight out of a teleserye—as it involves next-level sister drama. 

An anonymous woman shared her canceled wedding story on Reddit's r/AmITheAsshole—a subreddit where people ask others to determine if they were the jerk in the given situation—to gather some opinions. 

The woman started off by giving a bit of background to what happened. She said that she was supposed to get married on February 1, 2020—which was her and her ex-fiance’s anniversary—but ended the engagement a bit after the new year because she found out that he was cheating on her. Ouch, right?

So naturally, after finding out about the incident, she called off the wedding and asked for help from her mother and sister to cancel all reservations. But, things started to get messy when her sister wanted to get married and “take over” her wedding instead.

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In the reddit thread, she said, “My sister has [called] our family explaining that she's taking over before she told me this. They are all attending. Her fiance has contacted his family and given them the date he will be getting married.” This happened three weeks after her heartbreak and she said that her sister asked her if she was okay with this, “like she hadn't already arranged everything.” The author told her sister to “go fuck herself.”

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She also noted that she paid for most of her wedding expenses, with some help from her parents: “The wedding was initially planned with just my money but was very low key, and my parents asked if they could put up some additional money to make the whole thing a bit bigger.” She paid 60 percent of her wedding expenses while her parents paid for the rest. Her ex also wasn’t that involved since they had an agreement that he would pay for the honeymoon while she paid for the wedding. 

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Most redditors sided with the bride, saying that she was not the asshole (NTA) in this situation:

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In an update, she shared that she has talked to her sister and explained how hurt she was by what was happening. Her sister responded that “this was a good thing, and it would be therapeutic for [her] to see good come from bad.” Also, she doesn’t feel that it would be right for her sister to get married at the venue she booked, wearing her dress, on her anniversary.

Eventually, she called all her suppliers and canceled the reservations. She was refunded for most of it, except for a few who have already used the deposit.

She also said that if her sister still wanted to take over her almost-wedding, she was free to do so. “She helped me with a fuckton of planning, knows the details better than I do,” she stated, “and she can easily rebook the exact same thing and will probably be doing the vendors a favor considering how close we are to the big day.”

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Since she’s no longer going on a honeymoon, she has decided to take a week-long trip somewhere. Good for her! She definitely deserves a break after all this ~drama~.

As for her sister and the rest of her family, she’s not exactly sure what’s happening to them right now. 

Do you think she did the right thing? 


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