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World's Worst Bridesmaid Posted A Photo Of The Bride's Wedding Dress On FB *During* Her Fitting

And she wasn't even sorry about it, ugh.
PHOTO: istockphoto

The perfect wedding means something different for every bride. For some, it's all about the details—the food, the decorations, the invites. But there are also those who don't care about any of that. The one constant ~*surprise*~ that most brides actually cherish is the big dress reveal. There's something special about slipping into a dress and feeling like you're actually the Queen of the World. BECAUSE YOU ARE. It's your wedding, after all. 

So imagine finding The One (dress) and crying over it during your fitting only to check social media and realize that one of your bridesmaids uploaded a photo of you in the dress to Facebook. 

Let's pause for the dramatic reaction this shit deserves. 

In an online forum on, a bride experienced this exact shit show. Not only did the bridesmaid upload a photo of the dress, she also tagged the groom and said "she bets he couldn't wait to marry [the bride] and how lovely [her] dress is." The bride's father, who was also meant to be surprised, also saw the photo. 


When she confronted her bridesmaid and told her to take the photo down, she wasn't even apologetic: "Her response was, 'It doesn't matter if he's seen it. He's a man so he will have forgotten what it looks like in five minutes time.'"

What. The. Fuck. 

Understandably, the bride is "gutted" over the whole thing, and to make matters worse, the dress has been fully paid for. 

The only thing left to do is kick that bridesmaid out of the entourage because tbh, it doesn't sound like she's a real friend. 

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