You Might Have Better Luck Finding Your Soul Mate Through This Website

You just need to answer 8 questions!

There's a new website, and it wants to help you "find another you," which is its definition of a soul mate. It's called 8^8, and it's pretty simple: It gives you an online test with eight questions containing eight possible answers for each.

The questions are basic: what are your goals, how are you at parties, what would make you a different person.

It claims that the chances of someone answering them the exact way you do is one in 16,777,216. "If you were to meet and get to know a thousand new people every day—which of course isn't practically feasible—it would still take you more than 45 years to go through 16,777,216 people."

This seems like the quick and easy way to finding your soul mate, and it would be great if and when 8^8 alerts you that someone somewhere in the world thinks and feels the same way you do. 

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I'd probably try it out, but I already found my soul mate. If you haven't yet and you really really want to, go answer the eight questions and hit me up when you get matched!

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