Check Out What's Inside Nicole Andersson's Mango Clutch

Ever wondered what essentials you can fit into an evening bag? Nicole shares what's inside her clutch at the Esquire Ball.

Blogger and host Nicole Andersson is one of the few actresses who took a break from the colorful world of showbiz to focus on her studies. Talk about being fearless! In 2007, this kick-ass babe opted to set her goal in finishing an International Business and Marketing degree at the University of San Francisco.

Now that she has returned to Manila, we spotted her at the Esquire Ball looking picture-perfect in her sexy navy and black number paired with sky-high Charlotte Olympia shoes and a sleek black Mango clutch.

Now, we all know how tricky it can be to fit essentials into a teeny evening bag. What do celebs stash in there, anyway? Nicole was kind enough to satisfy our curiosity, and we're sharing our finds with you! 

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