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These Super Cute Ear Savers Will Make Wearing Masks More Comfortable

BRB, hoarding these.
PHOTO: Ear Savers PH

Now that wearing masks has become the norm, we're always looking for ways to make it a little bit more comfortable. One thing we noticed was how wearing them for a long time definitely hurts the back of our ears, because the ear loops are pulling on our ears. 

We previously wrote about hairstyles that could fix this issue, but recently, we just discovered an online store that sells the *cutest* ear savers made from soft elastic materials that will make wearing masks a thousand times more comfortable! No more chafing at the back of the ears, all thanks to Ear Savers PH.

These retail for P120 for a set of three:

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Aside from the regular ear savers, they also sell headband ear savers at P50 each:

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