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Fashion Tips: How To Bring That Summer Vibe To Work

Hide your stifling corporate suits and crisp blouses and slacks at the back of your closet NOW. Bare a little bit of tanned skin in workplace-friendly summer dresses.
Have you been too tied up with work that you can't even spare some time for vacation? Bring summer with you to the workplace, then. And we don't mean the heat (which we can't seem to escape from, even in our air-conditioned offices). You can use it, though, as an excuse to flaunt a little more skin, while still staying within the bounds of your office dress code.

If you've always been seen in dress pants and blazers, why don't you throw in light and comfortable yet trendy tops paired with skirts, as well as pretty summer dresses? Pick cuts, colors, prints, and silhouettes that are still appropriate for the workplace, and could take you to any activity you may have at night--be it a movie, dinner, coffee, or nightout.

View the gallery for some of the latest pieces from Plains and Prints' Summer 2010 collection, a versatile line of chic and feminine garments, and get some summer styling ideas for your office wardrobe.
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