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6 Cute And Casual Monochromatic Outfits We're Stealing From Francine Diaz

She'll be your new style peg!
Francine Diaz's monochromatic outfits
PHOTO: Instagram/francinesdiaz

It isn't hard to admire Francine Diaz for her girl-next-door charm. Her humble and family-oriented lifestyle is surprisingly relatable for someone with so much star potential (Did you know that she isn't the type to spend so much on herself? Her first splurge from her artista suweldo were appliances for her family's home!). And we don't know about you, but Francine's easygoing vibe and sense of humor are two of the many things we look forward to seeing on her YouTube channel.

On her Instagram account, however, we're loving the double tap-worthy OOTDs she posts from time to time. One thing we've noticed about the Gen Z star is her penchant for monochromatic outfits. Monochromatic dressing may seem simple enough to try out (hey, it's just one color, right?), but it's actually a tricky style trend very few can cleverly carry out.

Still, that shouldn't stop you from joining in on the monochromatic hype. Francine's fits are the ideal source of inspo if you're eyeing the monochromatic trend for your own looks. One easy trick we picked up from her OOTDs is to mix different shades of your chosen color to give your look more dimension. Ready to try it out? Take it from Francine and her monochromatic outfits.


Easy Monochromatic Outfit Ideas From Francine Diaz

  1. This all-peach ensemble looked 10 times more #aesthetic with the ever so slightly different shades used in the outfit.
  2. Going for neutrals? Francine's casual and monochromatic getup is a pleasant mix of tans and beiges.
  3. This summer-appropriate fit by Francine composed of warm tones is a bold take on monochromatic dressing.
  4. Opting for co-ords is an effortless way to go monochromatic. Francine takes it up a notch by color coordinating her accessories, too.
  5. Francine has us convinced that pink is a cute choice for the monochromatic trend with her Barbie pink top layered under a blush pink sweater.
  6. Another way to achieve monochromatic dressing is by layering different fabrics together. This combo of sheer organza and satiny fabric spruced up an otherwise all-pink look.
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